Beautiful images of my paintings in the upstairs dining room of the Courtyard Restaurant in Aberdeen.

I had 18 paintings exhibited there between 2011 and 2015.

(Images are property of Beetroot Restaurant's Limited)

Aberdeenshire Artist's Solo Exhibition Blossoms

Publication: Press and Journal/Reporter: Roddy Phillips

Date: 04/02/2010


When Aberdeenshire based artist Elaine Mackay graduated from Grays School of Art in Aberdeen last year, her degree show featured large dark pictures of splendid flowers writhing across brooding sombre backgrounds. Far from wanting to capture the movement and life of plants, Ms Mackay had a different agenda at work and was using the flowers symbolically to evoke the idealised sensual shape of the female form.

You can see similar works in her solo exhibition, Stages of Portrayal in HMT. The rich dark palette and the flowers are rendered in three dimensions almost like Victorian enamel work. She works in a wide range of mixed media from Indian ink to acrylic gel mediums and collage. But behind the exquisite textures there is strong draughtsmanship at work and an almost choreographed feel for movement and space.

For all the period atmosphere and hidden agenda these are highly decorative works. I'm not sure they are shown in their best space however, The walls of he Dress Circle Bar are decorated with floral wallpaper and her works tend to get absorbed. I would prefer to see them in a clean white space and let them sing for themselves. Highly recommended.

Theatre Adds Extra Drama to Artist's Work

Publications: Inverurie Advertiser, Inverurie Herald & Piper.

Date: 28/01/2010


A new exhibition, Stages of Portrayal, by rising Aberdeenshire artist Elaine Mackay has been launched with dramatic flair at His Majesty's Theatre in Aberdeen.

The sensual and luxuriant paintings, in a mixed media ranging from Indian and writing inks to acrylic gel mediums and collage, will go on show in HMT's Dress Circle Bar gallery from Monday, February 1.

'I am very excited to have been given the opportunity to exhibit independently within His Majesty's Theatre," said Elaine from her home studio.'

'My current working theme surrounds my ideas on understanding the growth and development of my own mindset in relation to other women and developing my own theories on how my personality is split between my dominant public persona and my submissive and insecure private persona.'

'I wish to depict the female symbolically through the use of flowers and curves and sensual shapes, using a rich and luxuriant colour palette and range of textures throughout every image.'