Visual Artist - Born in Aberdeen, Scotland, 1988


Elaine Mackay studied at Gray's School of Art at The Robert Gordon University, graduating with a BA(HONS) specialising in Painting in 2009.


'Inspired by a long running love affair with colour, combined with the beauty and intricacy of the natural world, I strive to combine these elements with touches of the ornamental magic of ancient oriental ink works to achieve ethereal qualities throughout my work.


I work to create imagery that pushes the use of varied mediums and skills to produce images of both beauty and interest.


Each painting is created carefully using of a range of mixed media ranging from Indian and writing inks to acrylic gel mediums and collage. 


My current working theme surrounds ideas of growth and decay as a parallel to ideas of masculinity and femininity, including development of my own mindset in relation to other females. Also developing theories on the split between dominance and insecurity.


Wishing to depict the female symbolically through the use of flowers and curves and sensual shapes, using a rich and luxuriant colour palette and range of textures throughout every image. I aim to portray dark beauty and pleasure, sexual awareness, dominance and submission.'